17. Royal Garden Blues

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Music Reading 017: Royal Garden Blues

Music Reading – Lesson seventeen works through the piece, “Royal Garden Blues, (by Clarence and Spencer Williams).” This jazz standard was composed in 1919 and is considered as one of the first popular songs based on a riff. The song is in the key of “F” and uses 4/4 time signature.

Lesson seventeen “Music Reading” presents a 36 bar music reading assignment for “Royal Garden Blues.”

This melody is an early 1900’s jazz standard that was originally composed back in 1919 and over time it was made popular by the members of the, “Original Dixieland Jazz Band.”

The piece is in 4/4 time and has been presented in the lesson plan to be performed across the full span of the guitar fingerboard from the 2nd to 10th positions.

Music Reading 017 – DISCLAIMER:
This guitar music reading course is not designed to be used as a “beginners” reading curriculum.

If you have no prior music reading experience on the guitar, it is strongly advised to first study the Creative Guitar – Introductory Guitar Program, as well as, the Intermediate Guitar Program.

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