14. Upper Register Shifting (Keys: B♭, E♭, A, E)

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Music Reading 014: Upper Register Shifting (Keys: B♭, E♭, A, E)

Music Reading – Lesson fourteen studies five pieces that apply multiple position reading across the upper-range neck area, (4th to 14th position). The lesson plan includes exercises that cover the key signatures of, “B♭, E♭, A and E.”

Lesson fourteen “Music Reading” contains a group of reading exercises that carry further up the neck with multiple position reading studies. In this lesson, we will continue our work to include the “Upper-Range” of the fret-board region.

Music Reading 014 – DISCLAIMER:
This guitar music reading course is not designed to be used as a “beginners” reading curriculum.

If you have no prior music reading experience on the guitar, it is strongly advised to first study the Creative Guitar – Introductory Guitar Program, as well as, the Intermediate Guitar Program.

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