1. Minor, Major, Diminished, Augmented

GUITAR BLOG 009 – PART ONE [13:04]
Minor, Major, Diminished, Augmented
Melodic Minor Composition:
Minor, Major, Augmented and Diminished – Triad Application

Part One:

  • Example 1). Example one uses a progression from Melodic Minor [04:22]
  • Example 2). This example adds 7th quality chord resolutions [08:34]

Example one is a good demonstration of how the Melodic Minor can establish strong melodic ideas over
chord changes that are unique to the Minor tonal center. Example two is much busier than example one. The melodic line in example two reflects a busy feel with the groove applying a lot of 16th-notes. Chord tones become important in melodies like this one since there is so much dissonant harmony.