18. Charting “If I Had My Way”

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Ear Training 018: Charting “If I Had My Way”

Lesson eighteen “Ear Training” works to further our transcription training with more practice on learning how to analyze and then chart out a melody line.

The lesson plan covers a famous piece composed back the early 1900’s. The song is titled; “If I Had My Way.”

Audio Track Training Exercises: Use the MP3 audio tracks (contained within the lesson download), to study the sound of mixed Perfect and Major intervals. The intervals (from the table provided on page 5 of your PDF handout) are to be performed upon the guitar and on digital piano. Sing and match pitch to each interval as they are performed on the audio tracks.

If you have no prior experience with basic music theory, primary rhythm, key signatures and how scales work on the guitar, it is strongly advised to first study the Creative Guitar – Introductory Guitar Program, along with the Intermediate Guitar Program.

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