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Guitar Technique:
Stretch and Dexterity

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This guitar lesson will cover stretching, co-ordination, and picking development.

The focus of the video is focused upon learning a few basic exercises that can be practiced on a daily basis to develop better overall guitar technique.

Be sure to download the handout.

The lesson begins by running through a stretch /expanded reach exercise of developing the grip of an "add 9" chord. The add9 is such a big chord to fret that it can offer players increased stretching capabilities.

In the second example, I introduce another stretch exercise with a scale stretch study. This one will help develop a large reach for better melodic control.


The third example is a string cross dexterity study that focuses on clarity.

The fourth exercise is an octave drill played in position.

The fifth study is another in position finger development drill. The emphasis is upon smooth movements between string sets in position.

The sixth and seventh studies begin to examine picking drills for improving speed and the left to right hand co-ordination. The use of a metronome is stressed for the maximum development of technical skill.

The video contains an abundance of close up shots and additional tips for perfecting technical playing.

The PDF Document below contains the Stretch and Dexterity handout

Stretch and Dexterity