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Pinch Harmonics

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Q: How Can I Learn Pinch Harmonics?

Hey there, just wondering if you could, (if you dont have 1 already), make a short video on how to do pinch harmonics. : )
~ UnholyCrusade1337

A: The Pinch Harmonic technique is a relatively easy technique to do on guitar. However, there is a learning curve to it.

To get started, it is a good idea to own an electric guitar with a high output humbucker pickup in the bridge position. The bridge position pickup is easier in the very beginning for initially getting the pick squeals. Next up would be your tone. You'll want a high-gain super crunchy distortion sound. Then focus on a louder sound generated from the guitar, with greater presence along with higher volume.

When starting into the practice of the pinch harmonics, shoot for the 3rd, 4th and 5th string sets. I usually find that the 3rd string is a very good one for beginners to get the squeals from at the start!

The playing hand is the focus of the technique. Choke up on the pick so that only a couple of millimeters of pick sticks out. Hit the string and very lightly brush the side of the thumb across the string to generate the pick squeal.

Remember that it is a harmonic, so you will have to move your hand away quickly after brushing the edge of the thumb across the string. This way the harmonic, or the overtone will have a chance to resonate.

You can generate other pitches as you apply the pinch harmonic to various places along the string.


The PDF Document below contains a pinch harmonics handout


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